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Ałł Thïñgš Tåröt

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About this blog

A blog that is dedicated to all things Tarot. If there's information you'd like to tribute which isn't featured here let me know and I'll add it in! All walks of life is welcome..


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Tarot Basics and FAQ

Welcome to the first blog of Ałł Thïñgš Tåröt to kick this blog off let's begin with the simple basics of Tarot and some FAQ. If there are other questions you'd like to know about tarot pls comment them below and I'll both the question and answer to this blog.  What are tarot cards? Are a deck of 78 cards which are separated into Major Arcana which are 22 cards which represent life lesson. The remaining 56 cards are our Minor Arcana which are then split into four suits Cups, Pentacles, Sw