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Wïççåñ`ś Bėåçöñ

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About this blog

The beacon for fellow Wiccan's to come to be enlightened with info whenever a Wiccan is in need to sharpen they tools of knowledge. 

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Directions 2 the Wiccan Beacon!

Welcome to the first blog of the Wïççåñ`ś Bėåçöñ where I'll be touching base upon the basic info and FAQ regarding to becoming a Wiccan! If at any point there's further into you'd like to see here or want a answer to a question. Post down below and I'll add it here or in upcoming blogs. So let's begin! What is the belief system/(s) does a Wiccan have? Some Wiccans base their beliefs upon the equality of both the Goddess (Feminine) and God (Masculinity) while there's others believe in the