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Wïççåñ`ś Bėåçöñ

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About this blog

The beacon for fellow Wiccan's to come to be enlightened with info whenever a Wiccan is in need to sharpen they tools of knowledge. 

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Directions 2 the Wiccan Beacon!

Welcome to the first blog of the Wïççåñ`ś Bėåçöñ where I'll be touching base upon the basic info and FAQ regarding to becoming a Wiccan! If at any point there's further into you'd like to see here or want a answer to a question. Post down below and I'll add it here or in upcoming blogs. So let's begin!

What is the belief system/(s) does a Wiccan have?
Some Wiccans base their beliefs upon the equality of both the Goddess (Feminine) and God (Masculinity) while there's others believe in the balance within the universe. With that being said no matter what belief you pick as a Wiccan we all have the Divine power within. 

What are the rules for Wicca?
the Rede/Creed which is the main focus within our practice which is "If you harm none, do what you will." Meaning you shall not place a spell upon another against their Freewill as this will need end well upon your behalf. It's pretty much karma what goes around will come around whether it's positive or negative. 
Take FULL responsibility for the everything u do. Meaning if u treat someone poorly you must make amends why? Because u need to take responsibility for your action(s)/word(s). 

What types of Wicca paths are there available for me?
Here are some paths briefly summarised for u all to find ur inner Wiccan each type that's highlighted in blue is a link to further information upon each path:
Alexandrian: Wiccan path who follow the philosophy of Alexandria.  
Celtic: Path of Wicca that involves the Celt and their languages. 
Dianic: A tradition that focuses upon only the Goddess and feminine forces. 
Eclectic: Alternative Wiccan the one who mixes and matches other paths to suit their beliefs and needs. 
Faerie: The Wiccan who believes in the fae and works with the realm of fae. 
Hereditary: A path of a Wiccan who continues their magical path from generation to generation within a family. 
Gardnerian: The Wiccan green thumb of the group
Shamanic: This is a path that's a combination of Shaman and Wicca. 
Traditional: Follows the only traditional path of Wicca.