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My Little Pet Bird Could Remember So Much

Between 1990 and 2003, my pet was a little bird, a cockatiel.  His name was Luke.  He was so tiny!

He enjoyed copying songs and words.  He'd copy numerous songs, and he'd copy my mother when she said, "Mike?" He would say, "Hello," "Hey!" and "Pretty Boy."  He also copied me coughing, sneezing, chewing gum, laughing, and more.

The odd thing is how could that little tiny brain of his be able to remember all those songs, noises, and words?


Years ago, a friend of mine knew a person who had been through trauma.  He told me that he wanted to give this individual some advice so this person could be helped and could learn how to cope.

I told him that could be a bad idea.  The thing is, if a trauma survivor has a lot of anger inside because of what happened to him/her and isn't on psychiatric medication that works well to help them, the therapy can actually make the anger worse.

Besides, my friend wasn't a trained psychotherapist anyway.



I think that in American society, their's a misconception about defining the word 'hero.'

To me, a hero isn't a famous sports athlete.

Instead, a hero is someone who risks his or her life to save others, such as firefighters, many police officers, and just the everyday person who risks it all to save the lives of others.  They're the true heroes of our world.


Doctor Wouldn't Tell Me The Side Effects

I've seen many medical doctors in my time.  And I've noticed that none of them would tell me what the potential side effects of a medication they had just prescribed me could be unless I asked them.
But I worked with one psychiatrist who, even when I asked him about it when he'd prescribe me medication, wouldn't tell me what the potential side effects were.
It's impossible for any psychiatrist to be able to remember every possible side effect to every single psychiatric medication.  It's too much for even the best psychiatrists to remember.  However, this doctor wouldn't tell me anything.
If you're prescribed a medication by a psychiatrist and you want to know what the side effects might be, you have the right to know.  If you ask this and don't get enough information about the new medication, put your foot down.  This is your mental and physical health we're talking about, after all.
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