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About this blog

Hello everyone! My name is Jonathan Paula-Diaz. I am also known as Galactica. I will be posting new contents very soon...

Thank you... 


Entries in this blog


Escape The Matrix

A world with no rules. By Galactica     In the past, I was asleep, and I did not know what was my true purpose in life. Neither, was I aware of who I truly am. I was not aware of my own Authentic Self. I was just another random stranger. I didn't know the whole concept, of who Jesus was, and what He represent. Nor I did not understand why, people were angry, at the Devil. I was taught, to go to School, and go to a Catholic Church on some Sundays. I was not sure, what was Spir




My Cosmic Mate

My Supernatural Adventures with my Beloved. By Galactica   Before I begin, I would like to thank the Universe, for bringing my Beloved into my life. Without Her, I am nothing.    Introduction Have you ever wonder, or have you ever thought if you have a Cosmic Mate? First, what is a Cosmic Mate? A Cosmic Mate, is a person, man or woman who are destined to be together for Eternity. Wether is Spiritually, physically, or both. For example: between my Beloved and I, th



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