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Secrets of the Lethe

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About this blog

   Here I reveal secrets of the World with SRV. 




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How I Found Out I Was The 5th Horseman

HOW I REALIZED I WAS THE 5TH HORSEMAN OF REVELATION 19: POST #3 In 2016, I was homeless in Kankakee. I was residing at the Kankakee Salvation Army Homeless shelter before it closed down. They had a rule that during the day the residents had to be out in the community. Mon-Sat was usually the Kankakee Library, and on Sundays the Library was closed, so I would attend a nearby Church at Asburry United Methodist (across the street), and then go to the Movie Theater. After a short while of my ro

Bridge to Enlightenment

BRIDGE TO ENLIGHTENMENT Post #1 In 2011 I remembered an incident from my childhood. When I was about 4 years old, I used to have a recurring dream. In my dream I would go to sleep, and in my dream I would be lying on a bench near a cave, nearby i heard flowing water like a river. The last time I had this dream, I saw myself lying on a bench, near a white cave, and heard the flowing water. I sensed something from within the cave creeping up on my, coming out of the cave up behind me, my ba
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