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Tarot By Kathleen

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Synchronicity Points the Way

Synchronicity means that two seemingly unconnected events are happening at the same time which set off a deep emotional charge. Typically, no one else is as moved as we are and we can barely contain ourselves from babbling about it. I love listening to others’ experiences of synchronicity. It’s signalling something significant and unravelling its meaning is titillating. Like interpreting a dream or solving a complex puzzle, when we land on the meaning, the aha! shout of satisfaction is beyo

Symbols vs signs

Spiritual Guidance & the Language of Symbols The most evolved guides in the celestial realm, communicate using the language of symbols. To glean the full benefit of spiritual guidance being downloaded to you continuously from the celestial kingdom, make universal, archetypal and personal symbols an ongoing study discipline. Symbols are different from signs. Signs have a singular meaning whereas a symbol has many. A STOP road sign for example, has one meaning but the number 9 as a s

Libra and the Tarot card Justice

October and May are my two favourite, transitional months of the year. October is the time of Libra and the Justice Tarot card. Librans are Not Perfect Despite What They Want You to Believe Librans have a refined sense of justice which gets translated into decisions and choices not driven by passion, but rather by the cool-headed, intellectual, balanced, logical, and objective position they are capable of when at their highest and best. Not surprisingly, a disproportionate number of Li




Learning to read the Tarot

After teaching Introductory and Intermediate tarot classes for several years, I was asked by the keener students to prepare and deliver an advanced program. I formatted an advanced level into twelve all-day workshops. Completion of the twelve led to Certification as Tarot Master (CTM) recognized by certifying bodies in Canada and the US. The topics covered in these workshops were a deep dive into reading for more complex client questions such as health, relationships, and spiritual directio

July, Astrological Sign Cancer and the Tarot Moon Card

A curious and balanced mix of creative and organized, Cancerians are the ones you call upon when you’re thinking about renovating/decorating your home or need some motivational inspiration. They inhabit homes you never want to leave. As you look around, so many fascinations to snag your attention. Symmetry at every glance but not so matchy, matchy that it looks like a Martha Stewart catalogue. Unique, homey, creative, cozy, lush typically describe their hearth and home which is important to them
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