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About this blog

I mean to share the thought bursts I periodically receive from 9 celestial Muses. The material will be related to the 9 Muses' specialties. And I will be using Plato's Dialogues, and Biblical Texts to put some sense into it, since these thought bursts of inspirational material I receive from the 9 are at times garbled, and therefore I need to try to make it clear by using the two best interpretation sources, Plato and the Bible, since these are also the most misunderstood. Why would I use misunderstood material to help me understand the already garbled messages from the Muses? I believe in Homeopathy, and although it is considered as quackery in the field of medical therapeutics, I still practice it, but only as a layperson. Basically, Homeopathy, for those that may not be familiar with it, operates under the law of similarity, and not by the law of contraries, in an attempt to cure bodily illnesses. The practice of medicine, which, like the belief in reincarnation, is common practice in India. Additionally, the Royal British family has been known to trust their illnesses to licensed Homeopathic physicians, which might explain the longevity of many members of that particular family. Believe it or not I became interested in Homeopathy while reading Plato, although Dr. Hahnemann gets all the credit for my followup interest, and instructions received. Homeopathy's essence is shown in its slogan adapted, Similia similibus curantur. In other words, Let likes be cures by likes. And what's unique about homeopathy, is that it tries to cure the whole body, and not just parts of it, the parts which are ailing the ones seeking cure. And best of all, in searching for the right therapeutic agent that will cure the whole body, it relies, principally, on the patients mental symptoms, regardless of the location or part the patient is complaining about.  Like Cures Like. Garbled cures Garbled. Like in math, multiply two negatives and get one positive. In other words, negative numbers cancel each other out. Noise cancellation is what I want, so that the message from my Muses becomes loud and clear, once all the noise is drowned out.  My Muses are these: Calliope (epic poetryClio (history) Euterpe (flutes and music) Thalia (comedy and pastoral poetry) Melpomene (tragedy) Terpsichore (dance) Erato (love poetry and lyric poetry) Polyhymnia (sacred poetry) Urania (astronomy)

Entries in this blog

Adele can't explain where her music comes from.

Musical inspiration, where does it come from? In a recent interview conducted by non other than the queen of show, Oprah Winfrey, put Adele at ease and made here comfortable in openly discussing several touchy and private matters in her life, currently. The taped interview segments were sandwiched in-between Adele's song performance.  Without needing to detail what is already detailed, I'll link the occasion. What is of interest here, is Adele's very candid reply to Oprah's question, a

The Mark of the Beast??

It may be obvious that I do not know what I'm doing here, nor what I'm saying. However, I'm told this is typical when one is under the spell of any of the Muses, especially in my case, where more than one is inspiring me at the same time. They say that under those conditions we are in an altered state of mind, and most of the times it does not, immediately, make any sense to us. And if we try to convey to others our first impressions of the inspirational episodes before we have understood it cle


Pettytalk in Personal prophetic interpretation