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Centipede War Rages On

Last night, I came home at about 10 P.M. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and went into my room. I was putting things away when I looked at my bookbag and saw what I would never mistake for anything else. The legs of a centipede. I immediately did some sort of weird jumping twirl in the air. I grabbed the nearest can of Raid and began spraying everywhere. The centipede fully emerged from the wrinkle in my bookbag, exposing it's true size. (About two inches, but boy was it ugly and fast.) It ran behind a pile of books, which I sprayed. It ran up the wall and I sprayed again. It fell to the ground and ran into my messy closet.

Now, if anyone knows anything about me, they would know that I'm incredibly terrified of centipedes. If I saw one in the house, I wouldn't sleep until I saw it dead. So seeing one run into my cluttered closet pretty much made me feel like crying.

But I had a centipede to kill, so I lit four double strength incense and put them in my closet. I waited about ten minutes, but nothing happened. I moved a couple of boxes around and saw it peeking out from under the closet door. I unleashed half a can of Raid under the door, and after a few more minutes, slid the door open to see it dead and drenched in bug spray.

Then I paid my sister to clean it up.

Does anyone have any methods on getting rid of centipedes? I don't think all this bug poison in the house is good for the family.


Someone's Employed!

As of Thursday, I will be Best Western's newest pool boy. And it's one of those jobs where you don't do ANYTHING. I just sit there all day watching movies on my computer, and yelling at little kids every now and then. Man it's gonna be sweet.

Someone also graduated high school. :yes:


Bye Bye Wisdom Teeth

Well, I got my wisdom teeth removed today. (DAYUM!)

All four of them. (DAYUM!)

They were all beneath the gum. (DAYUM!)

That's how my class views it.

So about an entire hour after I got to the office, I finally got called in to this room that smelled strongly of rubbing alcohol. There were also about fifty sharp tools but wow did it smell like rubbing alcohol. I sat in a reclining chair, staring at the white room, admiring how clean and organized it was. I thought to myself, "Maybe today could turn out to be good."

Then a woman, wearing a blue outfit, who I presumed to be a nurse, walked in and said, "You probably think this is going to be an easy day for you. Well you're wrong. You get to sit here, strapped to this chair, and get your wisdom teeth ripped from their bloody sockets by an oral surgeon. And after that, you'll experience what will be known as your worst day ever! Ha, ha!”

Well, maybe she didn't say that, but dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons must find it fun making everyone's life miserable.

A while later, the big boss guy came in and hooked me up to a machine and stuck a needle in my vain. This must have been laughing gas because I sure was finding everything quite amusing.

After making a hoot out of the questions the doctor asked me, someone slipped a gas mask-like thing over my nose and said something about oxygen. I noticed that the "oxygen" really didn't smell like oxygen. I was complimenting the doctor on the "groovy smelling" oxygen and was about to say "Hey this isn't oxygen," but I blacked out.

I woke up a while later to find the doctor sitting on me, touching naughty areas on my body.

Ok, maybe I made that up too.

But I did wake up a while later in the recovery room to find my mouth full of gauze and to see my sister staring at me. I felt pretty wasted and I think I might have said something about marijuana really loud so that everyone outside could hear me. Anyway, I kept dozing on and off for the next hour or so.

My dad finally called my sister to have us meet him outside. I drunkly made my way outside and stood there, on the verge of throwing up blood everywhere. I got home and I passed out on my bedroom floor, and stayed there for four hours. When I woke up, I made some food and took my many pills. They make me look like Matthew Perry four years ago. One pill's an antibiotic, one eases pain but from what I hear, it just makes you feel really, really wasted. And one supposedly reduces swelling, but I really doubt it works considering I have the same jaw as Bruce Wayne in the 1992 animated series of Batman.

user posted image


Earlier tonight I decided to go to a party with friends where I got into a fistfight with someone who accidentally hit me in the mouth even though I had forewarned him of my surgery.

Ok, that’s not true either.

All in all, getting my teeth removed wasn't too bad. The only bad part is getting over the drugs they inject in you. The bleeding pretty much completely stopped after two hours, and I don't feel any pain. Maybe the drugs are still active, but once the pain starts kicking in, I'm sure some prescribed drugs can ease it. Bacardi 151 ain't got jack on a hefty dose of hydrocodone.

From what I heard, this procedure carried a pretty hefty price tag. I wonder if vets do it for cheaper.


Wisdom Teeth

Well, today I received even more good teeth-related news. I need all four of my wisdom teeth removed! And what's even better is my wisdom teeth aren't done growing yet, so they're pulling it from the bone. Huzzah!

I talked to a few friends who have had their wisdom teeth pulled, and they told me about their horrific experiences and described all the pain and blood involved. I almost crapped my pants. Maybe I did, but I'm too scared to care right now. Who the hell invented teeth anyway?

Hopefully I can find a morphine dealer at school tomorrow.


White Sox "Fans"

Congratulations on your team's accomplishment. I'm sure it was a thrill. I didn’t boo them, but I wasn't rooting for them to win either. Not because I hate them, but because of their “fans.” In my opinion, Sox fans are more concerned in having bragging rights. It seems as if most “fans” are only “fans” because they hate the Cubs.

Seriously, what is wrong with you White Sox “fans?” It seems like all you care about is being superior to the Cubs. You'd think that Sox fans would have been busy celebrating their team’s win last night, but no. A lot of them found posting insults on the official Chicago Cubs message board was more important. It just goes to show that they’re more concerned about the Cubs losing than they are about their team winning. What a shameful way to represent your team.

After a magical season and a World Series victory all you guys seem to be doing is showing off and sticking it to us Cub fans how you guys have made it and won. So let me ask you this: Did you guys want to win just for that? Just to shove it in our faces? Well if so, that's pretty pathetic. Celebrate your victory the right way, by cheering along with other Sox fans and enjoying the championship. Not by using this victory to bully the Cub fans. Your team wins 1 in 88 years. Big deal.

There’s also the bandwagon fans who have never followed or rooted for the White Sox, and all of a sudden are joining in and cheering just because the Sox are in the World Series. And they try to make it seem like they've been waiting for so many years. Yeah, right. Where were you on opening day? Where were you last year or the year before that? Don't just root for a team because they're in the World Series! Unless you've been a Sox fan forever, and not since last week and just last night, don't root for them and pretend to be a fan who has been waiting for a championship your entire life.

Just because the White Sox won the World Series doesn’t mean I’m going to convert into a Sox fan as a lot of Cubs fans did. I don’t care about which team is more popular. I don’t care if the Sox become Chicago’s best team. I’m a Cubs fan, not a Chicago teams fan. When it comes down to the Sox and Cubs, I will always root for the Cubs regardless of who’s better. Sticking with a team and keeping faith through the highs and lows of a franchise despite whatever happens is what being a fan is all about. I may cheer for a losing team, but I decided to support them, and I’m not abandoning them just because another team’s doing better than them. They may break your heart every season, but just enjoy the games for win or lose and hope they do better next year. Their time will eventually come.

And a sincere congratulations to the real Sox fans out there. I’m happy for you. Your team deserved it. The eight of you enjoy the parade tomorrow, and don’t litter. Or seven. The mayor probably won’t litter.

user posted image


Autumn is Approaching

It rained this morning and everything outside is quite nice. Not in the springy "everything is fresh and growing and colorful!" way, but in the "everything is soggy and wet" way that everybody should enjoy. Unless they're outside. Suckers.

Summer officially ends in three days. Then coldness and depression begins. Yay!


Senior Year...

...is freaking hard. I've had more homework this week than all of last year. And I think I'm turning into a psychology nerd. The other night, I spent two hours taking notes for fun. Hopefully the teachers are trying to make us think senior year isn't all easy and whatnot.

Also, I was offered marijuana by my sister yesterday.


First Day of School

Yikes. crying.gif

And I had a really hard time sleeping last night. Got about two hours of sleep. So I'm downing espressos now. God, this summer went by too fast.


2005 Sucks

Wow, this year has been pretty bad so far. From January 13th to June 12th, I could barely talk because I had an expander cemented to the roof of my mouth. You'd think I'd have gotten used to it being there, but no. Every day with it was horrible. Three weeks after it was finally removed, my dog, which I had had for 11 years died. And the other day, I found out that my best friend in the entire world got kicked out of school because he failed more than four classes. AND his phone number doesn't work, so I have no methods of reaching him.

I quit life.

But I'm going to a Cubs game tomorrow, so huzzah! Tonight actually, but I haven't slept yet, so I'll think of it as tomorrow. Honk.



My dog's dying. sad.gif

My parents called yesterday and told me that my dog had liver and kidney failure. She stopped eating, and can barely walk. They would have put her to sleep already, but they want to do it after I get home. I've been expecting this for a while now, but I had no idea it would hurt this much.


Fantastic Week

Last Thursday was my last day of school. I was completely assured that I had failed Algebra and, resultantly, would have to waste three weeks of my break in summer school. On Thursday, after getting home from a long walk around noon, I got the mail. Amongst the letters and adverts, I noticed an envelope with the familiar, blue logo of my school on it. "This envelope seems rather thin." I thought to myself. I opened the envelope with trembling hands to only find my report card. No letter containing information on summer school registration. Bewildered, I looked at my report card. I got a freaking C in algebra! How I got it is beyond me. I immediately went inside and did a little dance around the house. I had avoided summer school yet another year!

And if you thought that was great...

Back in January, my orthodontist cemented an intra-oral device referred to as a palatal expander in my mouth. What this device did was stretch my upper jaw bone to widen the upper arch. For SIX months, I couldn't say most words correctly, such as "murderer," "church," "king," and "khaki." It sucked. Also, the first two days I had it, my mouth thought it was food and it produced about a pound of saliva every second. Here's a video that shows what the expander does over time.

Anywhoo... I had an orthodontist appointment yesterday. A few minutes after I took a seat in the long, dentist chair, my orthodontist comes walking out of his back office. He asks his assistant a few questions about me, and then I hear him say, "I want to take his expander out." Before I could react to this, he put on his gloves, took a chisel-like tool, and disjoined the evil piece of plastic that I had had in my mouth for the past six months. Instantaneously, my tongue brushed itself against the roof of my mouth. I then clicked my tongue against the roof of my mouth. It was the best feeling ever. Now I can talk like a normal person. But most importantly, I can say "Arrrrrrriba!" Actually, I can't, but at least now it's possible for me to.

And my sister graduated from high school today. Congrats sis! I lost a bet, but good job! thumbsup.gif


When I'm Old...

I think I will be married to a pretentious and insane writer who is talented but most likely will accomplish nothing. She may even be one of those chain smokers with a raspy voice. We will live in a creaky old house that is some out of the ordinary color. It will have a gigantic garden full of crazy plants that aren't exactly pretty but at least they will not be boring. One might even attack people. Inside, there will be paint on the floor and a continuous sound of a typewriter, because typewriters are much more indie. In our spare time we will drink martinis while mailing letters to our own house. We will not use correct punctuation at times, but instead talk in giant bursts of words about cats and dresses and maybe even politics. We will make up our own system of government. It will not fail to work. The children in the neighborhood will be scared of us, except for that one little girl who was always left out. We will accept her until we find out she listens to awful music, at which point we will make fun of her and act even more pretentious. Cats and kittens will be abundant.

What will your life be like when you're old?



Today was crap. And it still feels like winter.

In other news, a guy in my World Religions class justified the deaths of people in the middle east because, "they did it first." It gave me the giggles. But yeah, I'm still horribly failing that class somehow. But at least I managed to maintain a C in Algebra for over two weeks. Go me!

No school tomorrow!



Hello, good evening.

I haven't posted here in a while. Nothing too interesting has happened with me lately. I got my ACT results back today. I scored higher a lot than expected, but it's still rather embarassing. I would have done much better if it wasn't for this girl who kept coughing throughout the entire test. I mean, she brought a bottle of water with her, but decided it'd be better to cough for five hours straight and ruin everyone's future. And then there was that nose whistling guy sitting next to me.

And I managed to get a C in Algebra. But I'm currently failing World Religions. I somehow went from 80% to 50%. He must really hate me or something.

But yeah, I've suddenly developed rashes all over my arms and face and I can't sleep. But who cares, because it's SPRING!!!!


Boring Entry

At my school, juniors are requred to go on an overnight retreat at some place called La Salle Manor together. Well, I got back from my retreat like...three weeks ago. Yeah. I didn't want to talk about it until now because it was so ridiculously terrible and thinking about it makes me want to kill people. I'm pretty bored right now, so I'll share my wonderful experience with you.

The bus left the school at like 9 with 30 or so juniors on it. Two people per freaking seat. It was one of those yellow school buses, and you know how small the seats are. I got stuck sitting next to this big kid. The ride was an hour and a half. We finally got there, and we all went inside. We then went inside the chapel where the people who ran the retreat introduced themselves and such. We went downstairs after that and played some lame version of musical chairs. Then we moved into the kitchen and had lunch. And after that, we were divided into groups amongst the four group leaders, and went into seperate rooms where we had group discussions. We played some ice breaker games and we had to tell everyone about ourselves. After about two hours of talking, I decided I had enough and seriously started thinking of a way to escape at night. All together, there was a total of 9 hours of group discussion. Is that not insane? I pretty much passed on every question/topic, claiming they were too personal. Every hour or so, the groups would all meet together to listen to the group leaders tell everyone about the saddest moment in their life and how God helped them or something. I'm pretty sure they made up those stories at the night before we came. One woman's saddest moment in her life was when she was on downers. Another's was when she liked a guy and he didn't like her back. I can't even remember the other two stories because they were so boring. I thought it couldn't get any worse until night came...

At about 12, we were all sent to the chapel to say a goodnight prayer. They told us that it was a tradition to go to our rooms silent and to stay silent all night. So everyone believed them and they went to their rooms quiet. The people made everyone turn their lights off, and there weren't any lights in the hallway so I just lied in my bed returning the taps on the wall that I was receiving from the guy next to me. Oh, and I guess they expect you to use the sink in your room as a toilet since they told us we couldn't leave our rooms no matter what. Oh yeah, I didn't get ANY sleep at all. For some reason, I had the feeling that someone was under my bed, and I kept hearing noises. The heater in my room kept making loud dinging noises all night long. It would start out soft, then slowly get louder, then there was this really loud noise that sounded like a major league baseball pitcher throwing a quarter at a window. At like 8:28, I fell asleep for like a minute only because they started playing the theme to Indiana Jones on the speakers. They called us down to breakfast, then we did some more group stuff, and we had to leave early because there was a blizzard which was great. Yeah... Worst experience ever. Not to mention I barely knew anyone on this retreat. There was a retreat last week, and guess who went? Every single one of my best friends. Out of all the juniors, they all ended up together and I ended up by myself.

Yeah. I'm bored.


Can't Sleep Anymore

For some reason, I've been having the hardest time falling asleep at night. Last week, I'd go to bed at 11 and wouldn't fall asleep until 1 or 2, but now I can't sleep AT ALL. And some kind of creature bit my toe several times, causing my entire foot to itch from like under the skin. That doesn't make trying to sleep much better.

Yeah. So, anyone wanna share any ways that help them sleep?


Someday I'll be a Butterfly...

Remember how it was all warm and spring-like two days ago? Well the weather dropped to 14 degrees, and the snow that just melted came back times three. I hate you Winter. Honestly, just die already. You b******...

This weekend pretty much blew. Yesterday was spent playing poker with friends. Two of them got in a fight early in the day, and everyone was quiet for the rest of the day. But I won two games. Didn't do much of anything today. And I know nothing spectacular is going to happen tomorrow, or on Monday, which I have off.

So, I saw Napoleon Dynamite today. What is the deal with that movie? I guess you have to be incredibly stoned to understand it. It was funny, but pointless and confusing beyond belief.

The Killers are on SNL tonight. Huzzah!


My Life is Ruined

For the next few months at least. That's right, I went to the orthodontist today to get my palatal expander. It's like braces times four. Doesn't hurt, but I can't talk or swallow like a normal person. I found pictures of palatal expanders online, and they were all flat metal things that go on the roof of your mouth. I went to the orthodontist expecting to get one of those, but when I got there, my cool orthodontist decided to use the old one which is the size of a chicken nugget. Plus this one gets stuff caught in it all the time. And the thing hurt like crazy when it was being put on. It was obviously too tight for my teeth, but for some reason, they were all determined to get it on, and took turns trying. It was like freaking torture. The good thing is, I have a four day weekend to talk to myself until I get used to it and start sounding normal.

Also, I'm having friends over tommorow, so they all get to hear how I talk now.

Also also, I took a look at the list of the other people going on retreat with me, and I don't know one person on there. 2005 is by far the worst year ever



I Hate Winter

What in the hell is with this weather? It snowed a foot last week, and then it rained two days ago, which was real nice since I had the honor of walking through inches of slush. And now it's 70 degrees. Today's weather's fine, but I know the weather's going to drop like crazy in a week. It's as if weather's say "Oh you like this warm weather don't you? WELL TOO BAD. You won't be seeing it for a loooooong time." God, I miss summer.

In other news, I received a letter from my school yesterday saying that I have to go on a mandatory retreat next week. Oh what fun. Me and like 20 other lucky people are going to some place called La Salle Manor. It sounds like some haunted mansion. I bet it's where they kill us and replace us with clones. And yes, I go to a Catholic school. I'm not Catholic myself, but it seemed like a nice school when I was a naive eight grader. And then after attending the school for a month, I found out how many people at my school have been accused of murders, robberies and all that neat stuff. But yeah, I am not looking forward to this retreat at all. No idea what we're going to do, but it sure isn't going to be fun. I have to spend the night there too. Alone. Alone in some dark room in a haunted mansion. AND we're not allowed to bring anything. They search your bags before it's loaded onto the bus. They don't check what's on us, but I bet they have cameras in the room.

So I need a haircut again. Not looking forward to that either. Haircuts are too much of a hassle. Every time, you have to explain how you want your hair done. And if you say you want it like last time, you have to remind them how they did it. Then they try to start a conversation. "So. How's life?" "Pretty good." "So how's school?" "Alright, I guess." "So what school do you go to?" "De La Salle." "De La what?" "De La Salle." "De La Salle... Never heard of it." And then you always end up saying something that makes you look stupid, and the person cutting your hair's all "Oh. Really? That's nice" And they just stop talking. And they usually ask you if you want something done to your hair, but they use some special hair stylist's term when asking you, and you have no idea what they asked, so you just say "Yeah" and they end up screwing your hair up a little. Then you walk out of there looking like you lost a bet. Or maybe this just happens to me.

I get my palatal expander tomorrow. I looked it up, and apparently it pushes your upper teeth apart, so that your teeth have more room to move. I saw a nice little video that shows what it does too. Wasn't very pleasant looking.



My Mouth is in Pain

Oooh yeah. Spacers. Boy did I miss these...

After my 50 mile journey home, I was walking towards my door, and I slipped on some ice, fell, and whacked my jaw on my neighbor's fence. Then I went to the dentist like half an hour later, and got 7 wonderful spacers in between my teeth. They also explained what's going to happen next week. I'm getting a palatal expander cemented to the roof of my mouth. And that's pretty much all I know. Does anyone know what it does? I was pretty distracted by the birds outside the window. And then in two weeks, I get braces for my upper teeth.

School wasn't cancelled. But nobody showed up. There were like ten kids max in all my classes. We really didn't do anything at all today. I guess school was okay today. Christmas vacation ended today, and tommorow's already Friday. So that's great.

Now I'm off to eat and enjoy something hard before the rest of my mouth becomes incredibly sore in about an hour. Anybody here ever have/have braces?


Back to school.

Well Christmas break is over. It's six in the morning, and apparently we got 11 inches of snow overnight. I'm watching the news to find out if my school's closed, but they keep going on and on and on about pointless stuff. And some channels have a list of like 800 schools going by really fast at the bottom. But, uh, I guess I'll go to school, which sucks since I walk a mile and a half from school to home every day. Today, I'll have to do it in A LOT of snow. Yay!

I'm just sitting in my basement now. Bored. Extremely bored and tired.

So... how about school? Yeah, it's pretty wonderful.

Aaaand I have an orthodontist appointment today. They have to put spacers in my mouth. Oh yeah. For the uninformed, spacers are like tiny rubber bands that go in between your teeth. The orthodontist stretches them with tweezers, slides them in bewteen your teeth, and lets them go, and they push against your teeth until there's a slightly bigger gap than before. They're pretty damn incredibly painful.

Now the windows are strangely bright blue for some reason. Ah well. I'm off to school.