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my blog.

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Tomorrow I have to dress up like Sir Robert Walpole for AP Euro. >.<

I tried to make a wig out of cotton balls, except it didn't really work. I washed my hair twice and I'm still combing out super glue. disgust.gif

w00t w00t, tomorrow might be a snow day! It's already snowed 12 inches and they're expecting more overnight. Please please please let it be a snow day. happy.gif

Eh. This week's been pretty boring. I suppose pretending to be Robert Walpole will be fun. Not only do I get to be a man for a day, I also will have a British accent. I'm going to be one dead sexy 18th century prime minister.

I don't feel like posting on the boards. I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired.



*yawn* shleepiness

I should be off to bed soon...it's unnatural to be up at this hour...

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to work on limericks for my *cough* valentine. *cough* Yes, I have a UM crush. I am SUCH a dweeb.

No. I'm not telling. Nonono. No one can make me. My lips are sealed. happy.gif I can't wait 'til Valentine's Day on UM. wub.gif



Hi. tongue.gif

It's 2005! Normally I'd be excited but tomorrow is my LAST day of winter break and I'm very sad. sad.gif Exams are in two weeks. By the time they begin I'm not sure I'll have any nails left. Damn nervous habits.

Well. I'm boring. So...nothing else to write at the moment. This is fun, though. I no longer have to go to two separate web sites when I sign on. One site serves all my needs! I'm really becoming addicted to this place. wub.gif

dontgetit.gif Why aren't comments enabled?

EDIT: Oh, they are. I'm a dork.

Weeee, this is fun. rofl.gif

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