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The Crumpled Page

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Comings and Goings

I've definitely been doing a lot of coming and going lately, and I'm mostly referencing my mood.

It's been a while since I really had the energy to get online and scope out how some of my favourite places are doing, let alone write.

A couple months ago, everything went to ****. I lost my job, although granted that was kind of on purpose. Then I lost my home, and then I became a burden on all my loved ones, and as of late life has been a struggle just to bother getting up in the mornings.

Needless to say, my writing has done it's fair share of suffering since.

All because I wanted to try and reach out towards a different life, a different way of making myself happy, did I lose everything. That's a pretty depressing realization. But, I only lost because I was so afraid of succeeding, I think. Intentional self-sabotage?

You can read on at my official blog, 'The Crumpled Page', here: http://crumpledpage.wordpress.com/

Happily, although I haven't written in the blog for over a month of self-pitying, my latest two posts that I wrote last night have gained the blog the most hits yet. Somehow the stumbleupon community got a hold of them and BANG, 100 stumbles in a couple hours. Bless you stumbleupon.

Interesting to note: It's always my entries about hardships, difficulties and challenges that get the most views, every time.

An entry on facing Hard Truths: http://crumpledpage.wordpress.com/2010/09/20/hard-truths/

And a short note on how Amanda Palmer keeps giving me hope: http://crumpledpage.wordpress.com/2010/09/21/et-tu-amanda/

Cheers guys. See you on the forums again soon.


Posted a new article over at my wordpress blog, The Crumpled Page.

This was more of a fun creative writing session that turned into an entertaining read highlighting the creative writing process and brainstorming. Really it was just a public brainstorming session for the story I'm working on. I hadn't gotten clear guidelines yet for the story such as characters or settings (although it s quite far progressed) and thought it would be interesting to take the brainstorming online.


That was a lot more fun writing than some of the deep/heavy issues I've been tackling over there, such as religion, perception of reality and consumerism.

Really starting to get the hang of this writing thing. I got my first email back earlier today from a magazine editor too! Offering freelance work finding and writing stories based on student interests and issues at University. I've been too excited and nervous to respond yet haha. We'll see if I come up with any ideas tomorrow.




New Article: Tackling Religion

Hey guys.

So, I'm bringing some controversy to my blog in the form of an article on religion.

While not a religious person myself, I do consider myself spiritual, and have been rather kind in my opinion when it comes to the act of breaking down religion vs spirituality.

I recognize this article will possibly insult or offend a great deal of people and have tried to remain as unbiased as possible in giving my descriptions of what I believe religion to be: a big business.

You can find the article here:


Opinions and comments are very welcome!


New Article on Finding Inspiration

My official blog seems to be taking the form of a creative writing outlet designed to help myself and other aspiring writers to get on with the writing process. I've been struggling with mental blocks when it comes to my writing lately and the blog seems to be a good outlet for these frustrations as well being somewhere to hone my creative skills.

My latest post deals with the frustrations I've had over not writing, and how I went about collection inspiration at the local bookstore.


I've recently started working part time and spending more of that free time with my family back home. They're encouraging, but worried about me. For good reason, I've still yet to figure out any kind of career plans and the future is starting to loom heavy shadows across my face. My options are limited by a general lack of work ethnic. Or maybe is it limited by the fear of failure/success? Time will tell I suppose.

Just keep writing, I tell myself. This will get somewhere.


On Consumerism and Disasters

New article at my official blog, 'The Crumpled Page', on the correlation between consumerism and disasters, as well as disaster fatigue, global warming and some general all purpose ranting.

This article was spawned from thinking about that old controversial bus advertisement that went something along the lines of 'There's probably no god so stop worrying and enjoy your life'. I thought about the line from the perspective of a right-winger and what they might say in regards to climate change and came up, satirically, with 'There's probably no global warming so stop worrying and enjoy your materialism.'


Perhaps I should have broken this up into two articles. It's a little lumpy. Well, feedback is greatly appreciated!



FINALLY Back Online!

Spent most of last week moving. Three guys with tons of stuff. It was a painful exhausting experience that could only have been saved my my mothers incredible Shepherds Pie at the end of the day. Thanks Mum!

Settling into a temporary base on my buddy's couch right now for a month. Then another couch, then, heading out West! Banff baby! Going to rip the mountains and write in the shade of giants for the winter. Another great adventure!

New laptop is finally up and running. The 'Red Shark' I'm calling it, on account of the silver keys looking like teeth, and it being a wonderful shade of convertible red. Getting the drivers/Win7 etc installed on it was a b**** but I'm finally there.

Well, back to writing! I have some amazing ideas for this novel I'm working on and simply must get them down. I'm really enjoying my style of writing for this project. Just putting down whatever pops into my head and seeing what happens from there. My imagination is literally telling me the story pieces as I go, and all I'll have to do later is connect the pieces. Looks like it's going to be an apocalyptic love story. Interesting!

Nothing new in my official blog except writing about the Rain but here it is anyway:




A new post in my blog. Just a descriptive piece of writing focusing on my love affair with all things rain, and my observations of people in the rain.


Also over there are some articles about perspective vs reality, consciousness, sleep deprivation and great thinkers.


As for me, moving soon AGAIN. 100th time in this life. I can never stay put for very long, thanks to these damned vagabond shoes. Quit my job, trying to focus on my writing career and getting the first draft of an apocalyptic love story novel out. Damned vagabond writers block too. Will probably need another day job soon to pay the bills, that's life I suppose. One obstacle after another, neatly stacked on top of one another like a weird Jenga tower of unfinished ideas and creativity. What the hell am I talking about? *shrugs*

Hope you are all well! I gotta get back into participating in the forums again. After such long absences it feels like a hefty challenge perusing all the topics and members all over again and finding places where I can post and (at least appear) to know what I'm talking about.

Which I don't really. Ever.



The Crumpled Page

Alrighty I'm back again. Come and go quite often! Always miss this place when I'm gone.

I'll be around for a bit. Got lots to say as always. :lol: AH! I missed these smilies!!

I want to tell you guys about my real blog. I'll try and pin the two together or something so my blog entries there appear here. Not very tech savvy but I'll figure it out at some point.

The Crumpled Page!


Five articles so far. I'm focusing on the nature of reality, metaphysics, consciousness, perception, etc etc. So a few peeps here should be pretty interested.

I'll update here more later. Cheers!!