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All your faults in me...

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Well guys, I'm leaving tomorrow night for about 8 weeks. I don't know if I'll be on tomorrow much, so I'm just gonna make this short and sweet:

Take it easy, and have a wicked summer!



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Have a great time!

I'm sure you won't crash your glider into a hydropost, knocking it down and electrocuting a bystander, who in his amperage-addled mind most definitely won't fall into a river, where he will most likely not get caught in a boat propellor. This will certainly not cause the boat to run aground several miles river, where it probably won't crash through a pier and collide with a parked car. The car, then, definitely won't roll into traffic , where it probably wouldn't kill 3 in its path of carnage before exploding in a violent fireball next to a popcorn factory. At this point, I'm certain the popcorn won't simultaneously pop, smothering those who survived the blast.

The economic effects of the fire and popcorn explosion probably won't bankrupt the town, which heavily relies on popcorn exports. The local economy most likely won't trigger a depression in Newfoundland, which probably won't spread to North America. I'm sure there won't be mass cannibalism when the food supplies run out worldwide and in a last desperate war for food, Earth is engulfed in nuclear war, which definitely will not end all life as we know it.

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