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Forever Falling For You...

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my new forum thingy!

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so i have a new forum! all dedicated to the cuteness of anime! oh and video games too! tongue.gif so if ya like anime! drop by and see how you like it tongue.gif

err click the button tongue.gif

user posted image

thanks to bleeding heart and MM for telling me how to link the pic to the URL grin2.gif

not must else to report today hmm.gif just me yelling and screaming at the fact that maple story isnt working after their newest patch angry.gif

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you know, "Kawaii" is an island in hawaii tongue.gif

Everytime i see that i think "why do something on one of our islands, they are so boring" then i see it's on that type of anime and i feel stupid tongue.gif

btw, i joined...can i be a mod? happy.giftongue.gif

Never mind, it has been brought to my attention "Kawaii" Isn't an island, Kau'ai is. Thus ruining my whole post....bleh

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