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Back / Blood / Hats (again)




Well, im back. maily because i couldnt leave.......or something.

but, see, ive been blogging off and on the whole time, so expect a flood of new entries over the next few days as i switch them from draft to published form (no, i didnt really need to tell you that, but i was bragging because i figured out how to use the draft option).

a couple nights ago, i looked down into a bucket that was on the ground in the barn and saw two mosquitos in it. normally, i hate killing things, i never stomp on bugs on purpose (except for an occasional bug thats getting eaten alive by fire ants, and even then i only stomp it to put the poor thing out of it's misery), but, for some reason, i smushed one of the mosquitos. i dont know why.........

nashville is the home of country music, on that we all agree.........

um, yeah, anyway, so i had its blood on my fingers, and the thought popped into my head that the mosquito had drank the blood from one of the nearby horses (i was in the barn, remember) when i realized that blood could have come from any of the critters in the swamps or the woods for acres around. that was life smeared on my finger, life from some unknown critter, life for the mosquito, and it was......what? for me? blood, apparently.

Its wierd. when i first came on the internet, i was frozen by the possiblities. i could re-invent myself in literally countless ways. i could discover parts of my personality that were impossible to see in situations i was already established in. i could be so many different people. and it took me TWO YEARS to figure out what folks had been telling me all my life, "Just be Yourself."

The hats women wore in the twenties and thirties were so dumb looking. (has anybody realized yet I like hats?)

I need me a new cowboy hat. The one ive got now has grown too small. Id like to have a really tall black stovepipe hat, too, but ive said that already, haven’t i? I wonder what humans would do if we didn’t have hats to wear.



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