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A few anniversaries...

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Dear blog,

It’s been a while since I last updated you, (about 6 months.., but who’s counting..!) :ph34r: and as always, much has happened since then, but I’ll fill you in from the last 2 weeks..

The last 2 weeks have felt a little strange as they mark several anniversaries for me; It’s now been a year since I graduated uni! I still haven’t got out of the student mind-set of doing certain things, like buying local take-aways for dinner most nights… or heading out when we get the chance for a big night out during the week and putting the liver and morning alarm to the test!

This week also marks my one year anniversary of living in the States. It’s amazing how quickly the time’s flown, and how easy it's been to adjust to the American lifestyle! :P I’ve had a great time so far and have been lucky to fall into the group of friends and housemates I have. We’re doing something new each week it seems…

Tomorrow we might be heading over to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox if we manage to get tickets. We were there last Friday to watch Dave Matthews band play when we got our tickets upgraded to VIP. B) All was going well in the VIP party afterwards, until a certain incident with Howie Day and one of our friends, but that’s another story..!!

The past 2 weeks also marks the first anniversary of the London bombings. Thinking back now, I didn’t fully realize how crazy this week last year was and how different things could have turned out. I feel lucky to be where I am at the moment, and am really looking forward to heading back home in August for a few weeks of holiday. (I’ve decided to take my whole annual vacation of a massive 2 weeks at once) To be honest though, anywhere that feels cooler than New England right now sounds like where I want to be..!!

ok blog, until next time...

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Cooler!!! COOLER!!! Its 93f here at the moment and tomorrow reports are saying its going to be over 100f . Last night I swear must have been 80f odd. This year the summer is HOT! You are better off where you are, where there is a/c available everywhere. I am melting.........

Do you know I stood in the petrol station shop for half an hour the other day just because they had the a/c on and it was sooooo wonderful. :D

I am not moaning I love the heat its just a/c right now would be a bonus and plus the a/c in my car has packed up...typical :D !

However it will be cool to have you back in the UK. If you have time we should go for a drink in London. B)

P.s What happened at the after show party??

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