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All your faults in me...

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Here's something I found on the net about some guy's experince taking LSD. I think its beautiful.

Here it goes:


today i tripped balls

one of my friends hooked me up with some acid (three hits)

and a fat blunt

cause i helped him out with a problem he had

so i left school at like 2... all i had was study hall

and i went home

and i put a hit on my tongue

boy that s*** was like sour

not warhead sour


sh** i cant explain it

one hit (the one i took) had a red and yellow happy face on it

the other two have like pieces of barney ****** rubble i think

well i wasnt sure what was about to happen

so i went with it

it hit me about 45 minutes later when i was adjustin the seat on the bike

and my arms got really ******g long

and i didnt know what i was really doing

like what the **** to do with the allen wrench

but i slowly figured it out again

and got on the bike

with much effort

i turned on my brand new zen microphoto MP3

and the blue that surrounds it

was like purple and red.

i turned on Dark Side Of The Moon (the whole album)

and just put that b***h on repeat

and started riding

so many weird feelings

i didnt feel like i was riding a bike... i felt like i was just moving with the earth. i rode along a main street and saw through all of peoples facades

i saw a guy in a hummer

and i just could think who he was

i cant even explain it well

but i kept thinking

what the **** is war for?

weapons of mass destruction

or minor destruction

what are they for

money is the root of all mans problems

and as we come from nature

we will go back

i rode into the park

on a 1 mile path through it

right as the beginning to Us And Them was on

and it was the most serene moment of my life

i felt like i was at one with everyone and everything that has ever lived

on a spiritual level

i saw the trees the plants the squirrels

the clouds birds deer

we all came from carbon

we will all return

and i just rode

for hours and hours

it felt like the world was passing around me

not that i was passing through

it was a dreamlike state

blues were green

greens were purple

reds were blue

the clouds (huge ass cumulonimbus clouds- 45,000 foot ceiling)

were *****n lookin like nukes

amazing s***

and after riding and riding

i ditched the bike

and laid down in a field

with "great gig in the sky" playing

just staring at the clouds

it was like spotting shapes

but the s*** was morphing

everything was in like negative vision

as in opposite colors

and sh**

i just felt like there was no time

no sense of time

i felt like it was just me

in a world of clouds

at that point

i left myself

i was being led through the clouds by an unknown force

and i bursted through the top

and i was in space

i could see planets

and bright white stars

i felt like i could go anywhere

i felt connected to every piece of matter in the universe

it was the greatest moment in my entire life

i was not myself

i was in another world

i slowly came back to myself

and got on the bike

and trekked back home

this was about 7:30 or 8 oclock

i was still trippin hard

and i just


i dunno

i felt peaceful

like there is no war

like for one second

tehre was no gunshots

no death

no rape murder

i felt at peace with myself

and at peace with the rest of the world

and the rest was just a trip

i went home

and mowed my neighbors lawn

intricate ******g designs there man

just went out and looked at that sh**

its like circles and waves and sh**

boy was i trippin

but i slowly am comin down off that sh**...

i stil lfeel a bit out of it

but it was overall one of the greatest experiences of my life.


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Universal Absurdity


I ate some mushrooms once back in my teen years, I thought i was falling asleep then felt myself leaving through the window i was laying next to. Looking down i zoomed out into space, all the way very quickly having my head filled with the truths and secrets of the universe. I remember stopping and just dumbstruck with awe. This is when i came back down very quickly and forgot it all. I 'woke up' and havent been the same person since.

No more mushrooms for me.

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