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I don't know what I'm talking about




{warning: I dont know what im talking about}

Iraq had its elections last night and early today. on the television, there were people (in Iraq) dancing in the streets in lines, and singing and hugging each other. women were going without veils and had on jeans and thier hair dyed. one woman who had a baby last night named it Election, and another named hers Liberty. I think Iran will be short behind them in it.

im sort of suspicious that the new president is going to become some new Saddam, but perhaps if Iraq get past the high-water mark their democracy can become permanent. i bet there are still going to be terrorist attacks for a long time.

the Democrats dont realize Bush and his people are playing them all the way. no matter which way they turn, theyll look bad. the Democrats will look bad if theydont fuss about Condaleeza Rice, since their 'principles' say that no Republican move shall go un-fussed-about, but then if they do fuss theyll look bad since shes a black, and everybody knows Democrats are the black's friends. Ted Kennedy (**barf**) called her a 'traitor to her race'. as opposed to what? Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? the two 'inner-city mother Theresias'.......

another thing. the Democrats have to continue to fuss about the war in Iraq, they cant stop NOW because its too late, they will seem wishy-washy, but if they DONT stop, theyll look like theyre against Iraqi's freedom.

Bush and his people are far smarter than the Democrats give them credit for.

the news says the NAACP is refusing to respond to the IRS's inquiries. good. theyve been stealing for years, everybody knows it (heck, look, I know it!). i hope they get busted to hell and back again.

I realized yesterday the Democrats didnt want Kerry to win. they wanted him to lose, so Hillary Clinton (**double barf**) can run next year. God help us should that b**** win.

well, thats my comments on politics for this decade.



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