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talking to myself

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What are we to do?

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The pope speaks,

Muslims riot,

A nun shot in the back,

What are we to do?

The world is moving towards chaos.

Our bent on self destruction;

Hatred of others,

Is coming to fruition

The fruit is deadly

Destroying all who taste it,

Bitter, yet desired by many

To their own deaths.

Soon the whole world will be drawn in,

Muslims nations made hostage

For the crimes of terrorist

Who rain down fear upon the earth.

Like a plague it spreads,

Fear breeds more hatred,

Anger building,

Until it happens.

Bombs dropped on Muslim cities,

The innocent as always


Of the wrong doings of their brothers.

Madness now rules the world,

Mankind sweats on it sick bed

Fever ever spiking,

Causing the body to burn.

We are all so sure of our righteousness,

Of the wrongness of others,

The evil enemy

Must be destroyed.

The spiral continues

With the rhetoric sure

Failing to understanding

Where this path will end.

Or perhaps we do,

Not caring

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