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More Stuff (sounds interesting, doesnt it?)




well, i thought of a bit more to say. {yet another warning: i dont know what im talking about in this entry....but pay attention to me!!!!!!!!!}

gosh, the democrats. its okay to burn, cut up, trample in mud, make ponchos out of, or in any way disrespect the american flag because its free speech! but the confederate flag? AHHH! MUST NOT BE ALLOWED!

the democrats are so unpopular in the south there is practically a bounty on them.

i would talk about social security, but i dont know anything about it!

i read a good essay comparing the French Age of Enlightenment with the current Liberal Philosophies in the USA, and it showed some disturbing similarities. the jist of the artical, as best as i can explain it, went something like this:

both enlightenment thinkers and the radical liberals wanted to get rid of any sort of moral restraints

both enlightenment thinkers and the radical liberals wanted to overturn traditions and install radical, revolutionary-type thinking in its place

both enlightenment thinkers and the radical liberals initiated open conflict with authority and public vitures....they wanted revolutionary change in a ridiculously short time

both enlightenment thinkers and the radical liberals made it their ultimate goal to overthrow nations and institutions.

and the results of these two (the french enlightenment and the liberal junk in the USA) have also been similar. everybody knows how the french enlightenment and revolution worked out, and in the USA weve got corruption of the integrity of law, violence left and right, and social unrest all in the name of "social change" and "individual rights".

I honestly think Bush is going to be the turning point in this building liberal garbage.



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I think the television shows more violence going on than there actually is. Crime rates over the last ten years have actually declined, and, per capita, the safest city in America, as far as the crime rate? New York City! At least, it was the last time I saw any statistics.

While the radical left really does suck, the radical right is just as bad, if not worse. They just spread their hate for different reasons. I'm still leaning liberal, though. The people here are a lot nicer, and more fun to hang out with yes.gif

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well, i dont know about radicals bent on giving random people big money, that sounds entirely benevolent to me.........

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