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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being..

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Falco Rex


Are you intelligent? Do you have natural talent? Do you ooze charm?

If you do; do you get sick of people telling you that and mentioning that you have the ability to be rich and famous if only you did this or that?

I do at times; and I bet you do too..

What if you have all those abilities and all you want to do is have a good time; enjoy the one you love, and drink until everything is warm and fuzzy?

Why is the burden constantly upon us to drive forward and produce, whether we care or not?

Nobody on dry land expects a moron to be anything but a moron; and yet even the most idiotic person has a profound thought now and again..

This is greeted as a pleasant surprise..

And yet when a slightly intelligent hedonist succeeds a bit; all you ever hear is, "You should be doing better"..

Maybe so; but the days of our years are 3 score and 10; which is limiting as Hell..

If I betray all that I am and all that makes me happy to earn a few extra dollars what am I really worth?

Anyway; cheers all of you like me..Here's to voluntary mediocrity!!

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So they sit at the bar and put "bread" in my jar and say: "Man what are YOU doing here?"............story of my life, lol.

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I'm one of those people. I go more so with the Taoism philosophy of nothing can be made perfect nor will ever be perfect; so just do as much as you want to be happy.

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Barnacle Battlefront


I know that feeling far too well. Everyone is always saying that I should become a Doctor, or a Lawyer, or an Investment Banker or something. Something that'll make me rich. Something that'll mean I have no time. Something that I'll hate. I prefer to get a job that keeps me happy, and gives me time to myself. What's the point of having loads of money, if you have no time to enjoy it?

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It's not like it's anything special, almost every normal bloke is expected to do better than he currently is doing. It's basically the older generations fault, those who aren't as decadent as we are.

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Granted Snake; but every generation wasn't as decadent as we are,right?

Several people who have read my un-published works have told me that I write like Ernest Hemingway..

As a matter of fact; I have a story called, "Johns' Coin Toss" that some consider similar to, and also superior to "The Pearl", since it has more action..,

The thing is though; Hemingway could only write while he was drunk, and I face a similar obstacle..

OK. Exactly the same obstacle..

How am I to win out when I am so unreliable in out-put; and if I became reliable in it; what might suffer?

I'm kind if a one-trick pony, I guess..

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Thats funny.. people usually tell me that ive gone FURTHER then they thought......

haha... j/k. Hiya Falco... LTNS.

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