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talking to myself

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Of a different order

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How is the infinite measured?

Can its depth be fathomed?

God’s yearning,


Is it possible to understand,


God’s love without conflict,

Open childlike in its purity,

Simply present to the eternal moment,

Seeking the beloved without urgency,

The pursuit steady unrelenting,

The passion fiery beyond human experience,

Hotter than the Sun, yet cooling ointment to the soul

Infinite love is other, of a different order,

Kindly it is not in its presentation,

Ruthless in bringing to fruition that which it seeks;

The desire for union with its creation in love.

Seeking response in like

From the one pursued.

Teasing, love draws us,

Embraces us then steps back

Playing hide and seek,

Leaving the beloved to search in mourning,

Drawing the soul deeper into the darkness,

Into the unending mystery

Of loves being.

In the depths of the human heart

Rest a light so pure,

So bright and ravishing in its beauty,

Hidden from view with good reason,

Lest we be tempted if seen

To fall down in worship the beloved of God.

Whatever you do to the least you do unto me says Christ.

Truly those whom we hate, or despise, ignore, or feel contempt,

Those put on the fringes

Is where the mystery rest.

Are we not all there in someone’s eyes?

Hatred of another human in which the light is hidden,

Is an act of blasphemy.

Rejecting the one loved with infinite care,

A being made for union with God,

Born in God’s mind from eternity

To eternal relationship called.

Rejection of others

Is hatred of self.

An act of self creation based on ignorance,

Leading to isolation, self imposed by demonic pride;

The coldness of eternal separation

Of the love that pursues us.

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