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cheese, crackers, and skeptics




a couple folks have asked me to join in with the skeptics club. but, im not sure i want to, or if i would go in there. first of all, im not entirely sure i qualify. i believe in voodoo, ley lines (up to a point), mental vibrations, and life on other planets (not UFO's or aliens as in greys, but life. animals and bacteria, you know). and thats about all in the Unexplained. but, while i am very skeptical towards the unexplained, i think i more than qualify as a believer in God and religion and such.

second, why do Skeptics have to drag in such an emphasis on being flirty, uppity, cocky, condescending, sarcastic, and such? cant they just be skeptical? am i missing something? if a few members want to be upitty and dark and annoying and such, you know, thats fine and all, but dont make the whole club geared towards being like that.

third, somehow some folks have confused being skeptical with being an atheist or an agnostic. and of course im a Catholic.

you know what i ate for lunch to-day? ill bet you dont. well, i ate cheese and crackers. and i enjoyed it immensely. let me tell you exactly what i ate, so you can eat it yourself if you want to and see how good it was.

i ate Ritz 100% whole wheat crackers, Kraft sharp Cheddar cheese, and a giant glass of ice-cold water. very simple, but very VERY satisfying. so youve got all the brand names, what are you waiting for?

**in a sing-songy voice**................i know what ill be eating for lunch tomorrow!



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Since when do you have a problem with Uppity, Annoying, sarcastic and Cocky; Mudboots? I've seen you be all three in the same sentence. That's why I liked you so much in the first place..

Although you seem to be a basically nice kid you tend to turn into a little cajun wolverine in an argument; and that my friend was the very essence of what we had in mind when we formed our little group..

Although many have strayed from that path debate and argument are what we're all about at our core. Besides which, we're good and we know it, which bothers some..

Anyway; should you ever change your mind you're more than welcome to sign up. We'd be glad to have you on board..

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