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talking to myself

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Billy Joe and Bobby Ray

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Billy Joe, and Bobby Ray, were good old boys to the core,

Men well met as far as that went, which was not very far.

With ready smiles but eyes cold as death merciless in their depth;

People gave them both wide berths, for fear of their inner void.

Each carried a rage that smoldered strong,

Seemingly possessed at times with the thirst for violence

That only the sight of blood could quench,

Vampire like in its need to feed off others pain and fear.

Women feared them and fled when they drank late at night,

Men stayed away hoping not to get in their view,

Keeping head down whispering over their drinks

Fearing the pain that would be rained down if they got in their way.

With hearts feed by anger, hate, and white hot rage,

They froze the hearts of those they met into fearful submission,

For power is what fed them

And fear of others their life sustaining food.

They met one night in Jacob’s bar,

Like alpha males they watched the other hatred deep,

Soul mates of the hellish kind,

Bent on each others destruction.

As the night deepened and tension grew,

People became quiet and many fled

Sensing the storm that was brewing,

With only destruction the sure thing.

When midnight struck, Bobby Ray lunged,

Striking swiftly without mercy the one he desired,

To drink fully from the diminishment of his foe

Who dared to be in his presence.

Billy Joe returned in like his eyes alight with darkling joy,

To connect so as to give full vent to his white hot rage,

Cold as an artic night,

Seeking the warmth of another’s blood and pain.

The struggle did not last long in that midnight hour,

Bobby Ray buried a broken bottle in the Billy’s Joe’s body

Twisting it rejoicing in the pain and shame of the one hated,

Until the cold dead light in Billy’s eyes dimmed and went out.

Now Bobby Ray is buried in a cell deep, alone with no one to hurt.

Alone with his rage his hunger all consuming in its need,

With no one to feed upon,

Desiring again Billy’s Joe’s presence for the dance to continue.

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