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talking to myself

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Are we so different after all?

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As the years flow, by sometimes gently, sometimes not,

With youth fading whether we desire or fear it,

Wounds received as decades pass, challenging us to respond.

Some become fearful retracting, hiding,

Behind walls of toughness or seeming indifference,

When it is only a cover for fear of what is unjust, and cruel

Others strike out become powerful and in control,

Not caring what others think, what they desire supreme,

Yet just another protection, hiding need within.

There are those who learn compassion from what they experience,

Seeking to reach out and heal in love and forgiveness,

Even if their wounds run red and are deep.

Yet there are those who simply sink,

Allowing the label of victim to give them their identity

Carving out their place in life.

Most perhaps do all of it, at times open,

Yet at others fearful, and withdrawn,

Seeking to find the balance to carry on.

Deeper yet is the image we are all made in,

The childlike nature of God calling us forth to openness,

To embrace the uncertainty of life knowing pilgrims that we are.

Understanding is not something to be found,

Yet life is to be lived with hope that the heart grows tender,

Allowing God’s love to flow through to others.

Are we so different after all?

Love and joy, friendship and belonging speak to us all,

Peace is also sought even if seldom found on life’s journey,

A foretaste given, even if fleeting, a moment treasured above all others.

The deepest heart and what it desires, often hidden,

Covered in layers, in the vain hope of seeking a place of refuge,

Is what is sought after by the divine lover of all.

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