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talking to myself

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Waiting for one to go

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The old couple with silence sat,

Each at peace in the others presence,

Almost one, their love so deep with passion still aflame,

Though hidden behind soft smiles and gentle touches,

Unnoticed by those around them.

The bright flames of passion present in their youth

Now burns deeper and steadier than in younger years.

Tested by years of joy, and pain, and anxiety aplenty,

Yet with love present if not always felt or understood.

Now the flame burns steady its heat a comfort, though intense.

Each knows their time is short

One will go leaving behind emptiness bottomless;

So they treasure the silence as a gift,

Their communion something fought for

That those younger will never understand


One day they to will sit across from the beloved

In silence,

Hard won, now understanding,

Waiting for one of go and leave the other behind.

Knowing it was all worth it.

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