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talking to myself

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Like rafts on a raging sea

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Emotions rise and fall in the inner world of each,

Strongly felt for good or ill,

Giving pleasure or pain, or perhaps both in an instant,

Like clouds constantly changing from one form to another.

Some like storms, lasting long,

With dark low hanging clouds fearful to see,

Accompanied by loud peals of lighting flashing,

Cymbals of thunderous noise blocking out all else.

Others like spring rains bringing joy and hope,

Filled with thankfulness for simple existence,

Bringing quiet within

Or deep wells of laughter springing from a heart joyful.

Hatred, love, joy and desolation,

Gentle or raging it does not matter,

Each passes from one to another

Tossing us about like rafts on a raging sea.

Peace comes from a place deeper,

A center unmoved by the storms of life,

The still point that is always constant

Even if sometimes hidden from our inner perceptions.

Restful silence allows mindfulness to flower,

Bringing to life an inner calm,

Always present for one who seeks,

Dispelling the illusion of the permanence of each changing state.

It is the observing mind that is real and constant,

The soul made in the divine image,

Rooted in eternity

Often hidden and forgotten in the cycles of life.

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