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talking to myself

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Taking a chance

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I tend to be adventurous when it comes to food. If I see something on the menu that I have not had before, or even heard of, I tend to order it. I have seldom been disappointed when I take a chance and do it. I remember the first time I went to a Japanese restaurant with some friends. They told me that I had to try Sushi, raw fish, and at first I was not too keen on the idea. So we went to our table and I looked at the menu. I saw all kinds of dishes that I have never heard of, so decided to dive in and order some Sea Urchin, over seaweed and rice. But first, I had to try the Sushi. My friends ordered for me, since I had no idea what to get. They ordered the Tuna, White Fish, Octopus, and shrimp, which was slightly cooked, but all the others were raw.

First of Sushi is beautiful to look at, in fact it is considered an art, so the presentation is always beautiful. My first bite was ok, and I had four pieces but did not want any more, raw fish is very rich, and for a beginner, at least for me, I filled up quickly. Then the Sea Urchin came, and while I can’t describe the taste, it was good; it in no way tasted like chicken. I also had Sake for the first time, which was an interesting experience for me. Very clean to the taste and dry, which is how I like my wine. We had it cold. I later had Sake warm on my second trip, a totally different experience, it tasted buttery to me, so I prefer it cold. Also rice wine, which is what Sake is, does not affect me the way grape wine does. I can usually only drink one glass of dry wine with a meal, but I found the I can drink up to three glasses of Sake without any side affects at all. I think it is good to try new things when going out to eat, not just meat and potatoes for me.

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