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Halloween party

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So, yeah, I went to a Halloween party earlier this week, and not having anything much to wear, I dressed up as a girl. (Oh, yeah, huge stretch. :P )

Anyway, there's a couple pictures. :yes: ... but they creep me out, so be ready.


http://janiel.pfordee.com/000_3346.jpg (Blame for this picture goes 100% to Sara. It was her idea.


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Well, you make a lovely....uh...no.............well, that was a lovely dre......ummmm, no.......well your hair was beau........sheeeesh, no.............uh....... :w00t: .........HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! :P

Nice costume... :tu:

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hahaha LOVE IT!

Thanks. ^_^



*squeezes back*

I think I've seen that wig somewhere before...

David Bowie, maybe? :P

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I have to say you look really good. Suprizingly. Well Happy Halloween, I guess Ummm yeah *left speachless, and confused* sorry thought process still trying to compute. Too used to seeing you in male form, brain shuts down. *rebute* rebute*

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So, seeing a female picture to go with the somewhat female persona that is me is a good thing? :P

I think I like this. :yes:

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