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I love pringles.

Man when i was just a couple years younger i would eat, daily, a pack of beef jerky, chocolate, a box of pringles, burgers for dinner, etc etc.

Once i past 20 i discovered that my body would no longer allow me to eat so much junk without showing it. sad.gif

Enjoy it while you can my friend. Have a pack for me!

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Heh, when I was younger I would snack on a box of Wheat Thins and one of those Clear™ sodas from Safeway. I literally had a box of them in the garage.

Every day, I'd grab a fresh Clear™ and my box of Wheat Thins, heading downstairs to log onto our ****ty dial-up ISP and boot Red Alert 2 :P

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ahh, the good old days 'eh?

Dial-up mainstream, RA 2 was top of the line.


I feel old....


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