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All your faults in me...

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Perspective......Reflections on a death



My friends mom died Friday......she had only been diagnosed with a brain anuerysm 2 weeks before, had the surgery a week before. But, she feel into a coma, and just never woke up.

I can't even grasp it. Just 42, and no warning, no time to deal, say her goodbyes, her "I love you's". Not that I was particularly close to her, or her daughters for that matter, but in a small town like this (3000 people) it's always felt. She was involved in EVERYTHING, and shes one of those people that always smiled, always said hello.

So, that's what we remember......her smile.



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I had a friend die the same way. One day she was fine and the next, totally brain dead. They kept her on life support for two days because she was an organ donor. Longest two days of my life.

Like your friend's mother, she was very involved in the small community we lived in. And the loss was felt by everyone.

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Sorry to hear about your mom's friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

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My condolences. Unfortunately, I had something similar happen not to long ago as well...so sudden, then nothing....it's seems unfair, but then nothing is guaranteed.

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