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okay, new NEW list of favorite bands (followed by the type of music they play, in parentheses):

the Byrds (folk rock, psychedelic folk, and psychedelic rock)

the Thirteenth Floor Elevators (psychedelic rock)

Love (Garage, later psychedelic and art rock)

the Electric Prunes (psychedelic rock)

the Yardbirds (blues rock, psychedelic rock)

the Red Krayola (um..........its tough to describe)

the Nice (art rock)

the Zombies (psychedelic rock)

Jefferson Airplane (psychedelic rock, folk rock)

Big Brother and the Holding Company (psychedelic and blues rock)

Jethro Tull (hard rock - NOT their progressive stuff)

King Crimson (Art Rock)

Cream (hard rock)

Black Sabbath (heavy metal)

Pink Floyd (psychedelic - NOT their 70's stuff)

Van Morrison (electric blues)

Odetta (folk, blues)

Muddy Waters (blues)

Koko Tayor (blues)

Peter, Paul and Mary (folk)

Owain Phyfe and the New World Renaissance Band (folk and court songs)

E Muzeki (gypsy)


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I've only ever heard of four of those. But I know you prefer the older stuff, that's cool, so at least this time I kind of have an excuse for not recognizing the names of any bands that people are talking about.

I'm hopeless. :mellow:

Are you gonna stick around for a while? :tu:

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mmmmm. probably not. lately i just come and go sporadically.

and alot of them (like red krayola) are very much underground bands. alot of people didnt know about them even in the heights of their careers (which, in some cases, werent all that high - red krayola didnt exactly set the world on fire with their popularity).

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