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Red Dwarf, the Quarantine Episode!



OMG I am watching the classic episode right now!

What a classic!!!!!!!!


"frankenstein was the creator, NOT the monster, it's a common misconception, held by ALL truly STUPID people!"

"if u still want to be alive when there is only 78 days left to go, i suggest you DO NOT blow your nose!

do you mind if i ask why?

well, let's forego the noise, and the revolting burbling sound, and go straight to the really gross part, when you always, and i mean ALWAYS, having blown your nose, have to open up the hankerchief, and take a look at the contents! I mean, WHY? What do you expect to see in there? A Turner sea-scape perhaps? The face of the Madonna? An undiscovered Shakespearean sonnet?! "

"So let me get this straight, you want to fly on a magic carpet to see the king of the potato people, and plead with him for your freedom - and you are telling me you're completely sane! I think that warranties for 2 hours of WOO!!!

What's WOO?

You had to ask...

WITH - OUT - OXYGEN! That'll teach you to be crazies!"

In fact it is filled with classic quotes, I love IT!!!!!!


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