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Is there anybody out there sad.gif

Did I do something to offend everybody sad.gif

Is it cos I don't post much sad.gif

Boo hoo sad.gif




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Yayyyyyyyyyyy grin2.gif:D:D:D:D:d:D:D:D:D:D

There IS somebody out there after all!

Ommmm I'm naughty - I'm not at college when I should be, tut tut, not my fault, the bus drove past me!!!!!!!

Anyway! Tatata

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I don't think the school would be that impressed to see me, specially as I don't attend it, and haven't done so for nearly 2 years, in fact theyd probably tell me to bugger off.

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I haven't been going to SCHOOL for almost 2 years. Therefore I cannot go to the school, which is near to my house which I used to go to.

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Oh no it isn't tongue.gif.

Not here, and since I live here and not there, it is!

Please respect cultural diversity! tongue.giftongue.gif

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Bleh, Sorry. I do respect it. I just see it as this:

If you go somewhere where you learn, it's school.

Or, rather, Schooling. There. See what I mean? tongue.gif

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In the immortal words of Gwen Stefani - what you waiting for?

And are you watching, waiting, for you to justify my love?

Hmmmm... random musings over.

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"It's my car and I say we're going to the Lost city of Gold!"

Now that youngsters; is random..

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