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grin2.gif Yay grin2.gif Got lots of sleepies last night, phew what a relief, was starting to think I had imsonia or something crazy like that!

Got a lift to and from college today, that's a turn up for the books in a major major way for me becaus the buses have gone up to the rip off price of £1.10. My friend gave me a lift, because we wanted to go to McDonalds because apparently a double of my mate works there, but he wasn't there when we went, booo, but as the McDonalds is not far from my house he said he would drop me off yay!

What a good day eh!

I got a weird call of someone who said who's this why did you just ring me, even though I never, so I rang them back cos I thought it was my friend messing around and I was like dissing them, in a way you would to your friend saying oh my god what a crap voice you're putting on, you sound terrible, if you're gonna put on a voice then at least don't sound like a bloke etc etc but then it turned out not to be that person... weird!

Oh dear lord they just rung back and said please stop calling me otherwise I'm gonna have something done about it, apparently it's not the first time it's "not the first time" and I'm saying well I haven't even used this phone to ring out today, someone rang me but no ones rang out.. and she said well you rang earlier, someone must be using your phone, and I said, I highly doubt that because I am sitting in my house on my own, but she kept going on and on, so God knows what the hell's happening there - freaked me out a bit to tell you the truth!

Anyway, I'll probably post back laters!

Au revoir...

Ame xxx

Much thankness and schnumplings to Dis who helped me remove a permanent marker mark on my computer casing, much appreciated ta very much like, and everyone remember if you get permanent marker on your comp use hairspray to get it off like I did grin2.gif Yay!



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