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Dude! Where's my thoughts?!?

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Although many would be amazed at it; I find I have absolutely nothing to say..

Please ladies and gentlemen of UM, I invite you to say something for me!!

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Walken is great. He is special. I love him. I want him , yet I cannot have him, even though I love and want him.

I like the smell of Burnside.

My name is Falco.


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Well, I did ask for it.. tongue.gif

But you got it just a bit wrong..I would have said something like Walken is a long-haired,wispy little mama's boy who could throw himself to the floor and still miss.. grin2.gif

And burnsy probably smells like weed, which ain't so bad..

My name really is Falco..

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...How did you know I had long hair?

Well I may be wispy, have long hair and not be good at throwing...

...but you still want and love me happy.gif

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Sorry but if a person has all those qualities they'd still have to be a woman before I'd love or want them..Even then I don't like frail girls..

Plus I'm married..

But don't worry Walken, someday you'll find your prince charming!

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Ah, touche.

But since I can speak for you, arent I still in control of what you say?


My name is Falco Rex. In my spare time I like to lust after Moe, go out and drink wine with Snuffy, molest children and watch Fraiser. My intrests include porno and X rated movies. I'm makeing this date video because Mom says I have to find and move in with a women cause shes kicking me out next thursday.


Oh yeah, and my friend Walken. He is great. When I think about him I can't help but smile and say 'Walken is great'.

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Actually you only get one chance to speak for me..now it's wasted..

And as a father, I sincerely hope that molesting joke was done in good fun, or you've made yourself a lifelong enemy on this board..

Either way, it was in extremely poor taste even given the rest of our content..

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Sorry; didn't realise you'd take it like that. no.gif

I take it back, I take it back.

Can I edit my origonal speaking as you though? That way I can have infinite numbers of falco speaks original.gif

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Sure go ahead..I have a sense of humor..It's just when it comes to little kids..You know?

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You know, back in the winter of '59, I farmed cabbages in the Yukon valley. Six miles west of the Pecos River in Saskatchewan (say that like SAS-catch- EE- wun) Anyhow, this one time a mighty fine cougar came along and dug up me cabbages all to hell. I run out in me long johns and nearly caught me an uppercut from the feller. We wrassled and wrassled, until we finally ended up making sweet love in the firelight. I named that cougar Bessie, and we traveled the countryside, selling snake oil and telling fortunes. Oh, them were some mighty fine days, yes siree bab.


Thanks for the story, Falco! Can we have some Kool-Aid now?

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Sure you can!

Intersting useless fact about me..I was born on the day of the Jonestown Massacre..

..Now was that Strawberry Kool-Aid or Grape? devil.gif

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