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All your faults in me...

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Music Trip........

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Going to St. John's for a music trip.............meaning a damn 13 or so hour bus ride. Fun Fun Fun.

We get to play, and do this clinic type thing. Then there's your normal tours/museums/landmarks and the like.

On a plus side though, we get to see a jazz band on Friday night, and, more importantly....the Montreal Orchestra on Saturday! Yes, I'm very jacked for that.

This is all.

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Recommended Comments

Are you gonna sleep or take a toy on the bus ride?

I'd color.

Nah, I'd sleep.

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Sleep, lots of it.

But, I'll have a guitar and harmonica.......so, I'll play some Neil Young for a few hours, just to p*** people off :yes:

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LOL, yeah that'd p*** me off too. Haha! I'm southern, remember?

You should play the mouth organ or whatever the hell it is that Snoopy plays. Snoopy always got 'em moving!!

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"Alabama, you've got a wheel in the ditch, and a wheel on the track"

lol, I dunno, but I'll be sure to make lots of noise.

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I enjoy bus rides.

I used to perform my own karaoke on the buses. The b****ing was classic. :yes:

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