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Nova Roma begins..

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Hi all..

I'd thought I'd celebrate my new blog theme by telling you a story from the days of ancient Rome..

Much like Falco; the Romans loved thier birds; and not just to eat. They used them as a tool for reading divinations and omens of things to come. The Army even had it's own sacred chickens. Traditionally, before battle, the chickens were let out of thier cages and watched by priests. If they ate the ritual feed that was scattered before them hungrily and with gusto; the signs were pointing to a sure victory..If they pecked at it listlessly, you might want to pack up and fight another day..

So it was depressing to say the least; for Roman General Clodius Pulcher; when on the eve of a great battle he was confronted by chickens that refused to eat at all..

Surely delaying the fight was no way to make him the next big thing; he must have thought. We can imagine the contempt he must have felt for tired old religious ritual when you have at your command the most elite military force the world had ever seen..

So Clodius did something never done in all the history of the republic..

"If they will not eat; let them drink!" he exclaimed..

And had every last sacred chicken flung into the sea.. tongue.gif

I'd like to make this a story about one man's stand against fate. And the triumph of logic and confidence over stodgy ritual and dogma..

But Clodius lost the battle..

And he lost it badly..

I guess some stories just don't turn out the way they should. do they? huh.gif

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HI! Im just figuring out the Blog thing so im making my presence known.. hahaha... HEY!

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