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talking to myself

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Rich in texture

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The chalice is golden

Inlaid with fine jewels of great beauty,

Its elegance unparalleled,


Rubies large surround its handle,

Inviting a response,

To take and drink the wine of life,

Rich in texture

Intoxicating in its effect.

Bringing the joy of youth with all its pleasures,

As well as its struggles and pitfalls,

It goes down smoothly this wine of youth,

Leading one down life’s pilgrimage,

Its path slowly rising up to the mountain path,

Getting steeper as the years fly by.

Success and failure,

Love, desire and yes lust must be experienced,

Hatred and indifference towards some,

The same experienced from others,

At times wounding and yes wounded,

Part of the path that must be taken

If the chalice is to be drank fully from.

Falling and rising necessary,

Sin brings us back to ourselves,

To reflect and learn,

Slowly ignorance over come hopefully,

If not,


The chalices never emptied,

It contents can only be emptied when life is embraced,

The wholeness and brokenness each a part,

Equal in value,

One without the other useless.

So do not fear to drink boldly with large gulps,

Not fearing the mistakes,

The falling down

Or the getting up,

Nor the taking of blame and yes forgiveness.

We become real from living life,

Not from running away.

Each has their own path known only by the One,

The Eternal,

Who dwells in the depths and knows the true name of each.

When broken and worn with age,

The chalice empty,

Then the dark gate calls us,

The spirit if ready born into yet another life,

A larger womb perhaps that too must be outgrown,

Our growth eternal as we dive into the Eternal ocean of life and love

The mystery unending.

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