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El Matador

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For some strange reason at work today we got into talking about bullfighting..That got me to thinking on the subject a bit. Perhaps if we're talking about Mexico maybe, or an American Spaniard learning his ancestors' craft; they may well accept you calling them a "Bullfighter."

But if you were to call a classically trained Spanish Matador that; he'd be very insulted. You might even find yourself in a fight..

You see, to the Matador, it's not a fight..The outcome is predetermined. The bull is already dead. It's his job to bring it there while dominating the whole way through..

He's an architect of what is ordained..And if he fails, he's failed fate itself and is less than nothing..

To some extent, that is me..

I am El Matador..When I argue with you on this board the outcome is not a question. I've already won before I've even started. My task is to bring you to the point where you realize that too..

And on the rare occasions I've failed..Well; I know how that "bullfighter" feels if he doesn't kill his bull..

The loss of honor is a palpable thing to me..

But it makes me all the greater in my fervency for engineering your defeat on our next go around.. devil.gif

Well, Sweet Dreams!

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I don't have much to say, except that was an awesome entry. Not only did i learn not to call Bullfighters Matadors, as i thought they were, but the way you described yourself as a Matador, with the conversaion already won, is priceless.

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Unless I get you arguing my point, completely turning you around. And you didn't even see it coming. But hey, I guess that would mean I'm a Matador, too. Although I prefer the term

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Thanks Burnsy! I didn't actually put a lot of thought into this entry. I'm glad it went over well..

Snuffy my boy, you are a master Toreador yourself..That's why the last few times we argued anything we ended up back where we began scratching our heads. laugh.gif

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Hey, can i volunteer to be the bull? Because i know a secret......~~Whispers real soft like~~ Men are arrogant!

Haha.. sorry, i couldnt help myself.. anythow.. its was a nice post. Made me laugh;)

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And we're glad you're with us Dotty!!

And Ms. Undefined..You can be my Toro if you wish, but I know a secret you don't..I've made my arrogance work for me..It's no longer a weakness. grin2.gif

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A generalisation I see before me... not all men are arrogant and one can mistake confidence as being arrogance, there is a fine line between the two.

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What would lottie know, she female.... wink2.gif

I shall call a matador a bullfighter, for they are arrogant and do not understand how upseting it is for the bull to hear it is not a chance. Somethings are better left unsaid. Bulls have feelings too sad.gif lol

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Falco, you are very subtle. I have just realised the 'symbolism' of your post. Clever. thumbsup.gif

Subby I agree I don't like bullfighting in any sense, its dispicable. no.gif

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