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I don't know if anybody will be able to help with this unusual problem, but anyway:

It's rather odd by the way.

When I blow dry my hair, the left side of it goes very smooth and sleek, whilst the right side looks like I've been standing next to an electrical socket, and I have no idea what the flip is happening. No matter what I try such as heat defence spray, it just makes my left side nicer, whilst my right side stays the same.

Anyone have any hints or tips to deal with this weird issue?

Cheers dears.

Ames x


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I am no expert on hair, but have you thought about using hair serum instead? When I let my hair dry naturally, it goes so wild and frizzy, but if I dry it one side at a time, I end up with the same problem as you.

Give your hair a break from all products, wash it only with very mild shampoo, don't use any heated appliances and see if that helps.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance dude, but as I said, I am no expert. tongue.gif

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It's weird, cos it's not frizzy so much, but more just static. The products include serum yeh but it makes the other side a lot nicer, but the one side stays just the same.

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I am totally freaked out about it to be honest, I'm just won ng if there is some scientific reason why that side is always static!

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lol! I shouldn't be laughing, I have been told I look like a 'dead stoned hippy with rat tails' before. laugh.gif

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Maybe I should take a picture when I dry my hair (it's wet now!) and show you the weird phenomenon.

But if I do that you can be ur bottom dollar it won't actually go static.

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Ah thats life. My hair is only ever nice when I don't need it to be. See, I'm growing my layers out (BIG mistake getting them) and it is all curly wurly at the ends. It is so funny.

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Urrghh I had really choppy layers, and my hair cut to my shoulders, then a few months later, it was like a whole new craze. I couldn't be assed straightening it either.

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fringes are the same. took me a year to grow mine out next thing i know they are fashionable again

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people kept saying i looked younger than i was with the fringe, so i thought, that's it, it has to go! I've just tried charles worthington take away super smooth and sunsilk care and repair cream and it looks ok at the moment. i'm hoping it doesnt all mess up overnight though cos I have to be up at 5 and that doesn't really include time for having a shower!

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I use Charles Worthington Heat defense spray when I straighten my hair, I really like that stuff. When I dry my hair I just use Garnier hair serum that protects it from heat too. I never bother with hair spray or anything else. And my hair is always down...I never thought there was so much to talk about on the topic of hair. huh.gif

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Oh it's amazing how much you can stretch the topic.

I don't use hairspray, sometimes I use a gel spray on flyaways.

I have noticed people walking around with their hair up in a pony tail, done in a messy style but looking amazing, whereas if I try to do that it looks like, well just a mess! No fair!

So yeh I always wear my hair down, very occasionally I will have it half up and half down.

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I say hair should be banned. No more hair. Lol.

Feels his head. Goes mellow mellow.gif (damn military haircut).

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Okay... this is my profession. Go to the nearest salon and get something called 'SLEEK LOOKS cream" It will smooth it down, its humidity resistant, and it smells WONDERFUL!! Oh.. and for the flip.. thats probally just a great wave on the side that dosent even up with te other side, and no matter what length you have it.. as long as its even ... one side is going to be perfect.. and the other side is going to be a bi#*%!

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Daughter of the Nine Moons


I just got a wonderful product by Schwarzkopf called OSIS Slick Flattening Liquid. Its for flattening, moisterizing and smoothing. (only available in salons)

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Daughter of the Nine Moons


You should be able to get Schwarzkopf products in the UK as they are a German company.

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