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talking to myself

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You have traveled far in your life, going from place to place,

often expelled because of simply how your are,

always thinking about some other environment, perfect, smooth,

you so want that place, yet each time you move it is the same.

For a while things go aright, then the replay starts over,

is it some kind of a nightmare for you,

the situation arising again and again, having to move on?

Or are you good at looking at others, leaving yourself in peace,

setting up house in everyone’s head but your own; scattered.

My anger is something that can take hold, when I perceive, or hear,

of an injustice done, bullying behavior will put me on alert,

when I become a predator seeking to right a wrong done.

At times becoming what I am myself seeking to rectify.

So we had our ‘talk’, painful for both sides, perhaps I over spoke,

my sense of seeking justice failing me, again; yes I have my own cycles,

my own inner weaknesses that show their teeth from time to time,

so I understand your struggle better than you think; I am not the enemy.

I meant what I said, though I could have set it in a more gentle tone perhaps,

a rhino I can become, charging with horn exposed, it has a life of its own’

become a bully confronting a bully, locking horns, I am good at that,

but don’t do it again, or perhaps we will have another dance to go through.

I am not innocent in this situation, weakness I understand, for I have many,

yet refusing to think, contemplate, learn from ones past is self-destructive.

If you must, then ok, just don’t make others pay for what you perhaps fear,

doing what is necessary to change.

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