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talking to myself

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Standing still

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Standing still

As life moves on its rhythm ever changing,

from extreme youth to old age,

one role we play is to simply observe, watch,

perhaps learn from what we see.

We stand still our souls never moving,

time flows around us,

as our experiences deepen and broaden,

we remain the same in many ways,

our bodies change, age,

yet inside we stay young,

shocked at whom we perceive in our reflection.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is that really me after all?

Awareness’s deep, self evident,

where do the roots rest, feed,

find sustenance?

Yes we simply are as life flows past.

Choices made create us anew every day,

towards greater awareness,


a seeking to limit who we are,

desiring a world that runs according to our will,

an impossibility,

we are stones that life works upon

seeking to create a work of art,

either something beautiful beyond measure,

God like even,

for we are made in its image.

Or perhaps a monster dark,

a nightmare,

when we seek to create ourselves

over and against all others,

becoming predators seeking to dominate,

desiring to overshadow,

to consume,

as if to fill our infinite emptiness,

with the finite is ever possible.

Hell is eternal hunger,

the observer trapped in and endless cycle,

the universe no longer flows around,

but trapped in a frozen moment of eternity,

with only its rage, hatred, lust to consume,

its eternal companion,


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Recommended Comments

wow dude...

I send you hugz.

Deep and darkly beautiful. :)

The dark IS beautiful too.

Thannk you lStorm, I am glad that you liked it.



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