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My New Hair.




I went shopping today, and I went past this place that did hair and it said no appointment necessary. So I thought. Why not?

So I did. And now it's a layered bob. How nice.

They cut it really nice, much nicer than the people I usually go to.

Im liking the shortness!

I also bought a new hairdryer as mine's had it.

It has Ionic technology (sounds complicated don't it) so I hope that'll be a good thing!


Ciao chums xxx



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Oh, ionic technology is very good. It protects your hair from heat damage, doesn't it?

How is the little static thing now?

Your hair sounds rad thumbsup.gif

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Seems better.

Apparently it makes water particles smaller, allowing them to be absorbed into the hair!

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Water absorbing hair is not a good thing peopleZ blink.gif

If it absorbs water, then thats prolly why your hair is friZZy.

But anyhow.. it sounds like a kool dryer... ill have to go look for one now.. hehehe.

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Actually after I dried it with the new hairdryer, it wasn't frizzy. It's better to lock moisture in your hair, as dry hair is brittle and likely to break up and frizz.

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