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talking to myself

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Talk on the Chaplet of divine mercy


What are they,

Why are they important,

What is their impact on our lives,

Are some devotions better than others,

If not,

what makes a devotion powerful in ones life,


What are they really for?

When praying the Our Father what is happening?

When truly focusing on this prayer what do we find?

We pray to “Our Father”,

It is not a prayer of self concern,

petitions for the family,

or friends,

or for oneself,

at least not directly.


It is uniting ourselves with humanity,


praying for and with all who exist today,

have existed,

and who will come after us,

a universal prayer,

in which none are left out.

In the Hail Mary,

again we say,

“Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death”.

Think upon it,


What are they?

Sinner, is the reflection that we see in the mirror,

The face that we would not often want to ponder,

Or let others gaze upon.

We, us, them, those others, one before God;

Those we do not like, love, or possibly hate,

It is them we pray for when saying the Hail Mary,

We pray for them, us.

Those known and unknown,

A prayer that draws us into the will of God for humanity.

The chaplet of mercy,

again we pray before the Father this prayer:

“Eternal Father,

I offer you the most precious body and blood,

soul and divinity,

of your beloved Son,

Our Lord Jesus Christ,

In atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.”

Then we pray:

“For the sake of his sorrowful passion,

have mercy on us and the whole world.”

Is anyone left out?

It is important to know who you are praying for:



All their victims,

The families of the victims,



Drug dealers,

The unlovable in our eyes,

The dregs of society,

The rich and famous,

Those you know that cause your life to be hell,

Your neighbors,



truly everyone.

Yes the souls in purgatory,

For before God there is only one world.

Such is mercy,

The more undeserving, the more in need,

The most unworthy,

Or least those we consider beyond mercy,

Are those to whom mercy draws near.

Yes A prayer for mercy and healing for all,

Without regard

To the evil caused,

A prayer for the mass of mankind,

Others and ourselves,

Part of the vast ocean that is the human race.

Jesus says to Sister Faustina:

“I am love and Mercy itself,

My heart overflows with great mercy for souls,

Especially for poor sinners.”

“Let no soul fear to draw near me,

Even though his sins be as scarlet.

My mercy is greater than your sins,


Those of the entire world.”

“My mercy is so great that no mind,

be it of man or angel, will be able to fathom it

throughout all eternity.”

“Pray as much as you can for the dying.

By your entreaties,

Obtain for them trust in my mercy,

because they are in most need of trust


have it the least.

The great struggle for many,

Perhaps most,

Is to simply give up,


For sinners do what they do,

They sin,


Get up,


Get up again

And yes,


Weariness often the result,

Also despondency.

This is the temptation,

Not to draw near mercy when in most need

For God draws near to those aware of their brokenness,

It is then that our pretensions fail us,

We learn to have mercy on ourselves,

For God has mercy,

This leads to having mercy for others,

For all have sinned,

All in need of healing and forgiveness,

The letting go of the burden of our sins.

In praying the chaplet

We are led to forgive those in our everyday life

For we pray for them,

We ask for mercy,

In the end we will give it

Healing will come,

Emotions slowly heal

As the burden of false judgment is let go off,

A heavy burden indeed.

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