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talking to myself

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That which is beyond

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That which is beyond

We often try too hard to grasp what we already have,

Our perceptions leads us astray,

Also bounded by cultural artifice

Blocking us from our inner life, fire, energy,

Often buried under layers of “ought”, and “should”.

Rebellion often leads to just another form of imprisonment,

different group, norms, and yes ‘should’ and ‘ought’.

Yet the outcome the same,

Chained by some kind of group think.

Atheist, scream believers are brainwashed,

Yet I see no difference in the rants they often procure,

each sounding like the other, angry and bitter;

what is the point?

They become what they project

(At times rightly),

yet become the very thing they hate.

Becoming shrews,

both male and female,

others flee from their wrath and anger,

dispensing freely on all around them,

spreading their own brand of pain and anguish.

Yet no different than many others,

(yes I have been there, will be again sad to say),

consumed with the rightness of what they believe,

all others wrong or misguided.

We are driven by desire,

Wanting to be seen as beautiful,

Yet forgoing the soul altogether as if unimportant,

For it is the soul that fills our lives with light,

Allowing the ability to love and be loved,

The root of all desire.

Our culture will die with a whimper,

One day our shallowness will become terminal,

the absurdity of our pursuits will overwhelm us…….

we will simply stop,

or implode,

yet again, perhaps explode.

So maybe we will not die with a sob;

no perhaps with an anguished collective scream,

unheard in the vastness of the universe.

We are not made for the vacuous,

Cotton candy is not for our depths,

real meat is what we desire,

yet sweets often what pursued.

Flippant answers given for they are demanded,

Better to say “I don’t know what the hell is going on”,

Then proceed to live the mystery one step at a time,

So what is it we already have,

That we seek to grasp at?

Well that is the journey we are all on,

To find the obvious,

Seeking what we already have.

Allowing the mystery to come alive in us,

That which is beyond all idols, thoughts, science and theology.

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