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talking to myself

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William was not very responsive yesterday, deep sleep; though he would mumble a bit,but over all not his usual self. No fever, hands ice cold, feet very red and hot, blood pressure

high and continued to spike as the morning wore on. Dehydration was my first thought, has not been drinking much the last couple of days, so I called Rose, or very competent and dedicated nurse. She arrived in early afternoon, gave William some blood pressure medicine, since it was very high at the time. Normally he does not take medicine for his blood pressure, so this was unusual, and needed to be dealt with.

Some difficulty in putting in the IV; found a vein large enough in the bicep area of the arm, but it tended to roll, though in the end successful. I sat with him while the IV ran, in case he tried to pull it out, or perhaps would bend his arm too much and cause problems. In any case, we only got 400cc’s in; I had to keep fidgeting with the IV to keep the flow going and it pierced the vein. In any case, it was enough, he woke up, and we were able to give him some milk shakes with extra ice cream in it, that way he got liquid and calories.

When I tried to get him into his chair he started screaming, saying it hurt to move him, so I decided not to. Will probably use a lift this morning to get him up, if it does not cause him pain, or perhaps confuse him further. Hopefully this is a minor set back for him and he will be back to himself in no time.

He was talking to his father yesterday, looking at one part of the room, he hallucinated for the better part of the day when awake. Luckily they were pleasant and it helped him to relax a bit, and eventfully to fall back to sleep. He fought some when we cleaned him, but not too much, so that went smoothly. I miss him when he gets like this, for he adds a lot of color to the place when he is his rollicking extroverted self.

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