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talking to myself

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Destined for

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Destined for

Burdens can build up as life progresses,

the past events adding weight to ones soul,

scar tissue cutting out the light that once broke through.

Loves lost, sometimes betrayed, rebuffed, or scorned,

leave a mark deep, enduring, that festers as the years move on.

Fear masked as prudence takes fore, leading to a peace of sorts,

though it could also be called a prelude to death.

Repression works, it protects, shields from life’s rough waves,

The price high, demanding life’s joys be set aside,

for joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain, are fraternal twins,

one without the other and all that can be done is to limp.

No simple easy answers to accompany our journey’s pilgrimage,

stubborn endurance is needed, rejecting the easy way of despair,

fighting with tooth and claw to keep grace’s healing flow moving,

to overcome our fear of pain and failure, an important part of life.

The road can be dark, but light shining presence always there,

though faith needed to understand at least in part it’s working,

slow and merciless it creates in the depths of the soul,

leading us to be the work of art we are destined for.

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