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planning my life - #2




okay, so ive though about it and have come to a conclusion. my parents have been saving for college for me, and i'm going to be able to get A LOT of scholarships. so ive decided it would be smart to go to college after highschool, and utilize the opportunity; and maybe i'll figure out what i want to do after a couple years. thats what my parents were suggesting anyway (see that? i'm listening to my parents. at least in part), just taking general courses until i get a better idea. who knows, i might stumble upon something that i'm absolutely crazy about. but if not, i'll at least have having gone to college to help me in whatever i do decide i want to do.

i'm reminded of my uncle. he went to college in the 80's and majored in communication. he bumped around a bit and ended up working as a tour guide in disneyland. when he got tired of that, he came back home and lived off of his mother (my grandmother) for a while. however, after more than ten years, he met his lifepartner and decided he was going to go back to college. he did, and is now an X-ray technician, and repairs antique furniture, and is doing VERY well for himself.


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Drift around, see what the world has to offer, see what fits.

Even if you did have a specific plan, chances are you wouldn't stick to it anyway. :P

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