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All your faults in me...

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Holy Lack of Posting Batman!




Christ, I really suck at this "member of online community" buisness.

So, I havn't posted for a millenium and a half. Especially in my blog. Not that I blogged that often, but, seeing as I have a chronic lack of things to keep me busy, I'll have to start posting more. (Shoot me if I don't)

It's snowing here. That's it, no more denial; Summer is over, dead and gone.

I know, I know. It's October. But, the weather was nice, and didn't seem all that different.

Enough of this lame attempt at a blog......here, have yourselves a song.




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Won't be long before snow here in the awesomer part of Canada. :P Was in the forecast already for tomorrow and Sat but they changed it. I'd bet money it'll snow before Halloween, it almost always does.

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I'm in Northern Newfoundland.....the "a$$hole of the world" as my senile grandmother calls it :lol:

The funny thing is, I know Alberta is better :yes: Hell, half of Newfoundland is leeching off you guys :lol:

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Pretty much. :lol: You should see all the pickup trucks around here with giant decals of the rock in the back window.

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Jesus ****ing Christ, you have no damn idea how angry seeing **** like that makes me :lol:

The number of people who still live here yet feel the need to paint the flag on te back of their truck or get the outline of Newfoundland as a tattoo is god damn mindblowing.

I need to leave, soon :yes:

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