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All your faults in me...

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Damn you Internet Explorer!




So, I had a fancy blog all done, and my IE decides for it to not work. Woot.......Well, not that fancy, but all the same. <_<

Anyway, 'tis Halloween. I'm not terribly excited, but, any excuse to wear make-up and fake blood is a good one. I was a zombie for school......used Elmers school glue for fake skin :lol:. Pleasant? Nope. Cool? Yes.


My friend has a basement apartment in his house. So, seeing as it was his, and another friend's birthday, we had a wee party. 'Twas quite.....nice?:yes: Was funny as hell anyway. A boat load of beer and drinking games is always a good combo. So, we all proceeded to get drunk. Now, all the while, his dad wasn't home. "Nah, he won't be home until 12 or so," Jordan says. 9:30 he comes downstairs while I'm stumbling my way through Dio's "Holy Diver" on Guitar Hero, haha. Anyway, my friend Clarke proceeds to say, "Holy sh** Jordan, I can really see the resemblence!". Well, he ended up throwing up in Tim Horton's. Ahhh, the magic of Alexander Keith's. Speaking of which, what (if any) is your favourite beer?


Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderfully spooky



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Sam Adams Boston Lager, and Fosters...how could you NOT like a beer can that's bigger than you leg?

Glad you had a good time.

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*cough* whiskey *cough*

You sir are NOT following the set parameters of this blog with regards to beer...*takes Ciraxis...and his whiskey...by the arm*...were just gonna have to go and get some beer and come back....after were done with the whiskey.

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