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Happiness & the Fish

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I'm sorry,

I can't lie.

How I wasted my life looking through jaded eyes.

Is it anywhere near funny,

How we learned, realized, mistook the truth.

Our thoughts focused on having it all.

When we had nothing.

I'm unimpressed.

We walk along the path,

Our feet meeting the ground in a friendly embrace.

Shorter, shorter, the embraces become.

Quicker pace.

Take a breather.

Embrace longer.

Slow down,

Sit down,

Take a breather.

We violate violently,

Praying to lose this pretending.

Put your thoughts somewhere else,

It's easier, sleazier, how we just run away.

Should we just give up?

She sits alone in the room,

Carved out by lights.

Glares, stares, it's not fair.

What they'd give,

To understand.

He waits in a different world.

Alone and unwanted.

So little air, he can hardly bear this unwitting flare, flair.

What'd he give,

To have someone else's world.

Our world's failing and flailing,

Like a fish out of water.

We're scared and hiding,

Waiting and biding our time.

It's easier this way.

We're bared and colliding,

Wasting and gliding along.

We're needier this way.

Happiness is not a fish you can catch,

Wretched thoughts,

Bounce around.

Over here!


Sometimes things don't think,

And our mind's don't make sense.

And we switch the words for effect.

We look for Hope and it's adjoining friends.

We're scared.

We wait, we want, we weren't.

I put my heart on the line,

Rejection, regret, response at every corner.

But my faults are my own,

And I don't regret.

Because I know we're worth more than this.

Moods change,

Feelings change,

Thoughts swing,

But memories always sing.

Happiness may not be a fish you can catch,

But they sell it at Wal-mart.

It's right next to the real friends.

You may not have noticed it.


Not those friends,

Just fool's gold.

See there,

At the very top.

A little hidden from sight.

Buy it,

Have it,

For dinner,

A snack,

A smile.

Like a full stomach,

The warmth overflows.

Get a friend while you're at the top shelf.

It's easier than trying to climb back up.

Happiness is not a fish you can catch.

But in our case,

Who needs fish?

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